Sunday, 17 July 2016

Movie Review: Pilapil

They have different paths to take. A man wants to escape the farm life to seek greener pastures, while a young boy considers it his paradise. In one stroke of fate, their lives cross. Will the man learn from the boy that he need not to go anywhere else? That it is his heart that needs to be cultivated just so he would go back to his roots? Will he, like the boy, love the farm and see it as the paradise that it is?

Pilapil is unintentionally funny and entertaining. Excessive use of drone shots, poor screenplay and forced use of story of farming in the film.
Thanks to good acting of James Blanco and pleasant face of Pancho Magno. If you are fond of traditional local action film you may consider watching this.

My Verdict: 2/5 

The Filmmaker of Pilapil: Jojo Nadela

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