Sunday, 17 July 2016

Movie Review: Pitong Kabang Palay

On the rice fields of Isabela, the dela Cruz family lives a simple, frugal life, devoid of electricity or any luxury, making ends meet by planting rice and gathering what the season offers. The young Balong dreams of graduating and helping his parents, as he and his siblings witness the daily struggles theirparents experience. As his mother Deling and father Jaime try to find ways to feed the family while supporting their studies, Balong and his brother Lito try to compensate by studying hard and earning honors at school. Dreaming of a better life, Balong counts the sacks of rice they have left, the money they
need, and the little moments that led to an inevitable departure that will leave them all affected.

Simple, Effective and Affecting.  The film captures the lives and struggles of farmers in the province. They deliver the message that they like to convey and they utilize the strength of the kids to touch our heart. The child actors and actress are really good in this film from Micko Laurente to Alfonso Ynigo Delen up to Precious Meil Espinosa. Pitong Kabang Palay is closest in terms of representation of farmers in our society and what the festival aims to achieve. The surprise for me in this year's ToFarm Film Festival 2016.

My Verdict:  3.5/5


The Filmmaker of Pitong Kabang Palay: Maricel Cariaga with the kids cast: Micko Laurente, Alfonso Ynigo Delen and Precious Meil Espinosa

The Kids of Pitong Kabang Palay: Micko Laurente ,Alfonso Ynigo Delen and  Precious Meil Espinosa

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