Saturday, 1 October 2016

Movie Review: Ang Babaeng Humayo

"Ang Babaeng Humayo,” with the international title “The Woman Who Left,” tells the story of Horacia Somorostro (Charo Santos), a woman seeking revenge after being convicted for decades for a crime she didn’t commit.

Kudos for its unconventional story telling that depicts the social realism of justice system in the Philippines. Charo Santos-Concio riveting performance and John Lloyd Cruz surprising performance are satisfying. Nonie Buencamino's performance is also worth mentioning. Truly appreciate the authenticity of the film. It's simplicity, braveness and ensemble cast made this film overpowering. Every scene has a powerful message. A worthy award winning film based on the excellent performances and importance of the subject matter. A cinematic experience of tremendous creativity, artful directing and searing portrait
of our country's realities

My Verdict: 4/5

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