Monday, 24 October 2016

Movie Review: Area

During its heyday, Area had up to 700 brothels servicing thousands of low-income men, hormonally active boys and society misfits,-- all taking advantage of the bargain price of sex available only at Area. One of the last remaining brothels is operated by Ben, whose family of former pimps and subversives depends on the brothel for survival.

Hilary, one of the sex workers, keeps her life-savings to fulfill a dream to travel to the United States to find a son she said she lost during the panic caused by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. Her skeptical co-workers bully her by dumping on her all the clients they reject, including a freak and a penniless old man who pays with stolen appliances.

Hilary's world collapses when her money is stolen and Ben refuses to file charges because the suspect is a village watchman whom Ben cannot afford to displease.

The story happens during the Holy week, when the residents of Area perform rituals of penitence to wah away their sins and be ready for another year of business as usual.

Part of QCinema 2016 Pinoy Spotlight, Area graces it's Philippine Premiere last October 22 2016. Area is a type of film that will not feed you the story but will let you feel the story of each of the characters that successfully develops towards the end of the film. Thanks to its unique screenplay that at first you think that nothing is happening but you will realize after the film its intention of bringing something new to the audience in story telling. This film is not about the place itself, which is just the tip of the iceberg, but its about the people living on that place. Kudos to Aiai Delas Alas for delivering well on her most dramatic role together with the ensemble cast that help the film to show its core and believable story. Save your tissue to the last scene of the film as it will break your heart and summarizes the redeeming value of the film.

My Verdict: 3.5/5


Aiai Dela Alas with Ms, Baby Go

The Cast and Crew of Area before the screening

Barbie Forteza graces the premiere of Area

Allen Dizon

Sancho Delas Alas

Rein Gutierrez

Barbie Forteza

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