Thursday, 13 October 2016

QCinema International Film Festival 2016 Circle Competition Official Entries

 Jewel is a mysterious woman who lives alone in the city. She has a secret which has led her to settle into a lonely existence. That is, until she meets Nico, a broken-hearted, down-and-out guy who also feels unlovable like she does. Jewel is torn between wanting to love him and wanting to save him from herself. Will he accept her if he knew the truth about her? Can she ever find love, or is she destined to be alone forever?

Starring: Ryza Cenon, Martin del Rosario, Cholo Barretto, Vangie Labalan 

Directed By: Prime Cruz

 An indigenous family, one of the last forest people of old, copes with the unusual changes in their environment including the imposing lifestyle and customs of the more sociable tribes on the plains. 

 Starring: Omeles Laglagan, Ailyn Laglagan, Vangelyn Panihao, Jhea Mae Laglagan 

 Directed By: Bagane Fiola, Bem Di Lera, Charlie Daclan, Janna Moya, Joel Geolamen, Mark Limbaga, Raphael Meting, Willie Apa 

Purgatoryo”"tells the story of Ilyong. A recently-dead man killed by the police, after he was caught stealing. This is the beginning of his story, his death. Soon after, he was brought into a sleazy funeral home, run by Violet, a greedy homosexual who has learned to survive by renting out the dead bodies in his funeral home to Simon. Along for the ride is Jojo, a police officer who is under the payroll of Simon and who supplies the dead bodies for Violet to take care of and make money from. Violet has two workers, On-on and Dyograd. They clean the bodies and prepares them for the wake. On-on, for all his good looks, no longer feels alive except when he is gambling. Dyograd on the other hand, only feels alive when he is having sex. All in all it was a good team until Ilyong came and then one after another, the misfortunes came. Someone recognized him for who he really is, creating trouble for Violet. And he must make a decision whether to keep Ilyong or just throw him out. If she does, who will replace Ilyong? They cannot close shop. There is after all, no rest for the wicked.

 Starring: Bernardo Bernardo, Kristoffer King, Jess Mendoza, Arnold Reyes, Rollie, Innnocencio, Elora Españo 

Directed By: Derrick Cabrido

 A woman returns to the village of Kagbunga in the Bikol region carrying the ashes of her only son via the old train that circles her universe like the tandayag, the primordial serpent. In a filial act of mourning, she will reckon and reconcile the thin line that exists between tragedy and transcendence and prove and that even the most broken life can be restored to its moments.

 Starring: Nora Aunor, Jess Mendoza, Raffi Banzuela, Jesus Volante, Delia Enverga, Ken Balmes 

Directed By: Kristian Sendon Cordero 

When Iyay, a single mother, learns that her estranged husband has died, she drags the entire family on a road trip from Cebu to Dumaguete to attend the funeral. With her children - Hubert, who has Down Syndrome; Jude, a lovesick transman; Jay, who is living the bum life - as her passengers, Iyay drives her tiny multicab on a journey that yields unexpected stopovers, detours, and revelations.

Starring: Jaclyn Jose, Chai Fonacier, Melde Montañez, Vincent Viado, Mailes Kanapi, Olive Nieto Sheenly Gener

Directed By: Victor Villanueva 

Satra, a widow is caught in an escalating blood feud stretching back generations. She initially seeks vengeance for the death of husband but finds herself being convinced by Farida to leave the land after the death of her only child Amiya. Beyond the will of her family she secretly meets up with the matriarch of the rival clan to seek possible reconciliation.

 Starring: Laila Putli P. Ulao, Sharifa Pearlsia P. Ali-Dans, Taha G. Daranda, Dalma D. Baginda, Hasim P. Kasim, Mohammad Yusop A. Hajiraini 

Directed By: Sheron Dayoc 

Mikey, a young, discreet, gay man from the affluent class, spends five years in a city jail while hearing his case for drug pushing. Inside prison, Mikey holds back to adapt to the culture and stratification among inmates. Eventually, Mikey becomes a ‘Mayor’ (ring leader) to a group of gay inmates called “Gang-da”. Together, they thrive to survive the dangers of several gang riots, the mundane, and the decay of human dignity.

 Starring:  JC De Vera, Mercedes Cabral, Jordan Herrera, Kristofer King, Aaron Rivera, Angela Cortez

 Directed By: Howard "HF" Yambao

 QCinema International Film Festival 2016 runs from October 13 - 22 2016 at Ayala Trinoma, Gateway Cinemas, Robinson’s Galleria, and UP Town Center.

QCinema International Film Festival 2016 Screening Schedule here

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