Sunday, 16 October 2016

Movie Review: Jonathan

Jonathan has maintained years his seriously ill father Burghardt and managed jointly with his aunt Martha the family farm. The care of the father, the organization of the court and the hard work on the field determine his everyday life. The relationship between Martha and Burghardt is tense, for years they have not spoken to each other.

That Burghardt can not permit close and Jonathan questions about his mother early death always unanswered leaves, making the situation any easier. Jonathan feels that something is between them, the wall of his father can not penetrate but.
Since Burghardt's condition is deteriorating, provides a Martha the nurse Anka that enchants Jonathan with their openness. He is fascinated meets the essential questions of life of the ease with which Anka and neck are in top form.
As Burghardt's long-lost childhood friend Ron appears, Jonathan Father blooms on literally. For Jonathan, however, Ron is an intruder. His aversion intensifies when he learns gradually more about a past of which he knew nothing. A long hidden family secret is the father-son relationship to a crucial test.
Slowly understands Jonathan, that he must find his own way - and loving also means being able to let go.

Jonathan is among the Rainbow QC line up of QCinema 2016 showcasing the diverse spectrum of LGBT works. I can say that this is one of the recent queer film that I watch that I feel the authenticity of the emotion of all the characters. An ensemble cast the deliver great performances. Simple film, direct to the point and it touch your heart

My Verdict: 4/5

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