Friday, 16 December 2016

Movie Review: Mano Po 7 Chinoy

Mano Po Chinoy tackle family issues, relationships and present day scenario of Filipino-Chinese families and how they resolve conflicts and apprehensions within themselves. Richard Yap  plays a business tycoon who is overly protective and strict with his loved ones, including his wife (Jean Garcia) and kids (Enchong Dee, Janella Salvador, and Janna Agoncillo). But behiond the toughness is a family man full of love for his dear ones.
Mano Po 7 Chinoy features a strong ensemble cast with acting that is resoundingly strong that surely warms your heart and make you cry. Jean Garcia shows her acting prowess and versatility. Richard Yap has been able to deliver here in his most dramatic role up to date. Enchong Dee and Jessy Mendiola segment which do have chemistry is also remarkable for this film having their love story in an unexpected place. Janella Salvador and Marlo Mortel is a breath of a fresh air giving a  youthful feel to the film. There are moments in the film that will make you reflect on what can you do for your family. The script and direction is also commendable for giving us a modern Chinoy drama local film.

My Verdict: 3.5/5


Luis Manzano supports his girlfriend Jessy Mendiola at the premiere night of Mano Po Chinoy

Mercator Models graces the premiere of  Mano Po Chinoy

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