Sunday, 18 December 2016

MMFF 2016 Entry: Vince & Kath & James Takes On How Millennials Fall In Love

Vince & Kath & James is the film adaptation of viral text series Vince & Kath. On the blogger's conference of the film, filmmaker Theodore Boborol explained the process that they did to a make this viral text series transformed into the big screen. The story itself is just an exchange of text messages so in this film they explore the story behind those text messages and they tried to unmask the story behind the main characters. In our current world that full of filter due to social media we don't know the real emotion behind everyone's post, status or message in their own social media account or communication devices that is why this film tends to explore how does the millennial fall in love.

When ask about for the  possible reason why their film was chosen director Ted cited some of the feedback they gather from the selection committee, first is the great ensemble acting of the cast, second is the film is a reinvention of a teen genre and a modern retelling of classic literature on love triangle, and last is the film storytelling on its purest and finest form in which the story is sincere, all natural and no filter. They were all happy that they film made it to the final eight of the MMFF 2016 despite the changes in criteria for selection.

On selection of stars for the the film, Julia Baretto and Joshua Garcia was chosen by the upper management of Star Cinema as they seen good potential and chemisty between the two, then Ronnie Alonte was chosen by director Theodore on the audition for the role of James.

When the three main cast ask on what love advise can they give to their characters, here are their answers:

Joshua Garcia as Vince: YOLO (You only live once). Be vocal to your feelings.
Julia Barretto as Kath: Be true to your self and accept who you really are
Ronnie Alonte as James: You have to be strong and independent.

When ask about their parent's influence in choosing boyfriend or girlfriend, here are their answers:

Joshua Garcia: It's important to listen to parent's advise.
Julia Barretto: Family is a big factor in every situation in life. Friends come and go but family stays. They only want the best in you.
Ronnie Alonte: I have my own decision.

Lastly, when ask about what to do if they got involve in a love triangle, here are their answers:

Joshua Garcia: Let the girl decide, if its really for you that's good if not then possible that there is much better person that will come to your life.
Julia Barretto: I'll choose the person which I'm comfortable with and makes me happy.
Ronnie Alonte: It depends on the decision of the girl and must respect it.

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“Vince and Kath and James” is a film by Theodore Boborol starring Joshua Garcia, Ronnie Alonte and Julia Barretto. It is the official entry of Star Cinema to the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival.



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