Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Movie Review: Vince & Kath & James

Vince and Kath and James” is a teen romance movie that shows how to love with #NoFilter. When Kath (Julia Barretto) starts receiving sweet, anonymous texts, she wonders who they might be from. Could it be from Vince (Joshua Garcia), the nerdy, torpe guy she can’t stand, or James (Ronnie Alonte), the cute varsity player she likes? How will her love story unfold? Will someone love her in real life, beyond the bright screen of her phone? 

Vince & Kath & James is a well made modern teen romantic comedy film anchored with good performances and perfect chemistry by the three leads. The story telling is simple and just stick to its original premise. Julia Baretto has finally found a love team that is perfect match for her, Joshua Garcia. Chemistry is overflowing between the two. They deserve a follow-up film together. I now became a fan of JoshLia. I've been able to appreciate more Julia in this film as the film brings out the best in her and I think this is her best project so far in her career. Joshua Garcia is promising and has a potential of becoming a versatile or a dramatic actor. Ronnie Alonte on the other hand is a heartthrob, most of the girls inside the cinema with me are rooting for him in the film. He also has a potential of  a fastest rising young actor to watch for. Maris Racal is also noticeable in the film as the  scene stealer best friend of Julia. She is so funny, cute and good at her role.  Naturally the film has kilig same with its soundtrack that blended well in the film. No wonder this film was included in this year's MMFF as it is a decent romantic comedy film that was so refreshing. You will feel good and young again after watching Vince & Kath & James.

My Verdict: 4/5

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