Monday, 8 August 2016

Movie Review: Mercury is Mine

Carmen, a middle-aged cook, is about to close down her eatery at the foot of Mt. Arayat when a white American teenage boy named Mercury approaches her and begs for work in exchange of nothing but shelter.

A fast paced, well edited film with one of a kind story that examines the relationship of Filipinos to Americans and parent to child. This film has a lot of inner layers and deep message that need to be dig  but the overall of the film became palatable to the audience. Credits given to outstanding cinematography in which each scene sets the mood of the audience. As soon as the credits rolled on I wanted to watch it again. I think it would even more of a mind-dance the second time around. Mercury is Mine is the best film for me so far in this year's Cinemalaya 2016 film festival

My Verdict:  4.5/5


Bret Jackson, Filmmaker Jason Paul Laxamana and Pokwang at the gala night of Mercury is Mine

Angel Locsin and Zanjoe Marudo graces the premiere of Mercury is Mine

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