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4 Veteran Actors Star In A Film Adaptation of A Classic Stageplay Hiblang Abo - An Official Entry To Cinemalaya 2016 Film Festival

Jun Urbano, Lou Veloso, Nanding Josef, Leo Rialp

Four of the veteran actors in the Philippine cinema, Lou Veloso, Nading Josef, Leo Rialp and Jun Urbano has joined force to do the film adaptation of the classic stage play Hiblang Abo by Rene Villanueva. On the presscon of the said film the four actors share their experience in doing the film inside a  hospice care facility, how they can releate to the story their vision on death and what they miss in their younger years. Directed by the award winning filmmaker Ralston Jover, also starring in the film are Lui Manansala, Matt Daclan (who played the younger version of all the main 4 characters), Flor Salanga, Angela Cortez, Anna Luna as daughter of Jun Urbano, Rener Concepcion, Mike Liwag, Rommel Luna, Cherry Malvar and Bernard Carritero. Given this strong material ang great acting vehicle for the 4 leads, there's a big chance for them to win a Best Acting Ensemble at the awards night. If you want to watch something different from the usual entertainment film and would like to appreciate more of our elders you may consider watching this film on the upcoming Cinemalaya 2016 film festival from August 6 - 14 2016 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Ayala Cinemas in Greenbelt 3, Glorietta, Trinoma, UP Town Center, Quezon City, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa and Ayala Mall in Cebu

“Hiblang Abo” is the story of 4 old men in a hospice care facility located in the outskirts of the busy city of Manila.  It tells about their debilitating state of oblivion, their remaining aspirations and dreams in the twilight moments of their lives.  At the core of the chamber drama, the 4intertwining-stories are lived in a web lies, and how comfortable this is for them.  Until the exasperation of boredom traps them inutile, loneliness and physical disability catch up with them.  The familiarity in their friendship breeds contempt and exposes all their lies in a series of embarrassing situations.  Then tragedy strikes like a thief in the night, and their friendship is completely destroyed to oblivion.  One by one, the 4 old men leave the hospice care facility, with the certainty of death embracing them, and the uncertainty of obscurity curtailing their most precious memories in contempt. 
Brought to you by Queen B Productions & Harvest Bests Entertainment in cooperation with the Cinemalaya Foundation, Inc.

Director's Statement

Since Lou Veloso offered me the screenplay written by his friend Naning Estrella, I immediately embarked on a task to search for funding for this iconic stage play in the 80’s.  HIBLANG ABO by Rene Villanueva is so popular that it is still being staged by various theater groups, especially the theater guilds of colleges and universities all over the country.   

We were very privileged to be selected as one of the 10 finalists of the 2016 Cinemalaya Film Festival.  My constant producer, Bessie Badilla pledged her full support for the project.  Later, Ms. Harlene Bautista equally pledged support through her film production.   I have re-written some of the scenes (with permission from the original writer) to give way to some contemporary elements such as the influx of the latest in technologies, like cell phone, that was not in the older version of the script.  I added certain magic realistic scenes, especially in the flashbacks to add dimension and colorful layer to the cinematic format of the stage play adaptation.  I also wrote individual character sketches for the actors for them to get a better grip of their individual roles.  But most especially, I maintained the integrity and philosophy of Mr. Rene Villanueva as profoundly sensed in each dramatic scene.

 Gala Night of Hiblang Abo is on August 9 2016 Tuesday 9:00 PM at the CCP Main Theater


The 4 main cast with the filmmaker Ralston Jover

Matt Daclan and Angela Cortez

The Cast of Hiblang Abo with Producer Bessie Padilla and Filmmaker Ralston Jover

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