Saturday, 6 August 2016

Movie Review: 1-2-3

Luis (Carlos Dala) is just one of the teenage boys in the idyllic and fishing island of Silag. He goes through the issues of adolescence with his younger sister, Lulu (Barbara Miguel), who busies herself by joining amateur singing contests in hopes of becoming a star.

One day, a talent manager discovers her singing and offers her to undergo vocal coaching in Manila, and later to join a popular TV singing contest. Lulu eagerly takes the opportunity and leaves for the city, thinking her dreams are finally coming true. However, after a few months, Lulu’s family loses communication with her. This drives Luis to go to Manila in search for his missing sister.

Cinemalaya 2016 opens with the socially relevant film 1-2-3 that is emotive as it is entertaining. The film’s gravely serious topic is somehow made more light by injecting humor and showing the lead character's light side. Acting honors clearly belong to the three leads, Carlos Dala, Therese Malvar and Barbara Miguel that delivers affecting and effective performance.  Carlos Dala is a promising young actor that deserves to be given more films. Therese Malvar's good comedic timing is a scene stealer showing her other side as an actress. She is still consistent in delivering authentic performance in a film. The cinematography and camera work are also noticeable making the dusty Manila seem almost beautiful and artistically capture the emotion of the scene and characters. I hope the film's message will open the eyes of more people. On the whole, 1-2-3 touches your heart and moves you deeply with its sterling performances.

My Verdict: 4/5


The 3 Leads of 1-2-3: Carlos Dala, Therese Malvar and Barbara Miguel

Carlos Dala

Therese Malvar

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