Monday, 8 August 2016

Movie Review: Shorts B - Cinemalaya 2016 Film Festival

An introverted middle-aged man finds a wonderful distraction to his otherwise dull, late afternoons by the farm.

A short film in which action speaks louder than words. Its unconventional story telling is its strong point.

My Verdict: 4/5

Fish Out Of Water tells the story of Min-jae, a Korean-Filipino teenager, who is often discriminated against for being mixed-blood.  His utmost desire to belong to the homogeneous and hierarchical Korean society is tested when his single Filipina mother decides to send him to the Philippines one winter day.

 I love the story, color, soundtrack, look and the overall technicality of the film.

My Verdict: 4.5/5

In the afterlife, the lost souls are given the opportunity to resurrect to someone else’s body to decide which path they will be taking after, Heaven or Hell.  On her fortieth day, Angelica believes that her calling is to become a full-fledged Demon…but will she get certified?

Clever, funny and out of the box.

My Verdict: 3.5/5

Butas is a story of a Woman Miner from the Mountains of Benguet,  who struggles to balance life as a miner and a single parent. Butas will take you to a journey in the life of a mother who is struggling to make ends meet but is hopeful of being able to provide a better life for her son. Due to poverty in her native land she was forced to  work in a foreign country but comes back to the Philippines to take care of her son after the husband died from a mining accident.

Visually stunning and heartwarming story that gives importance to the story of our province.

My Verdict: 3/5

A lesbian couple, Pat and Karen, know fully well that their relationship won’t last for good. So they decide to draft a contract binding them together for a limited period of time, which starts out as a monthly contract, then becomes yearly, until they are together for 7 years. On their 7th anniversary, Pat makes a plan to surprise for Karen.

The emotions, heartbreak, and conversation are all relatable, I love the this one of a kind break up short film

My Verdict: 4/5


Jhaykien Nuyad of the short film Butas

Jill Palencia of the short film Butas

The Filmmaker of short film Butass: Richard Cawed with his cast Jill and Jhaykien

Yayo Aguila is part of the short film Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water Team

Butas Team

Alec Kevin Rigonan of the short film Fish Out of Water

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