Saturday, 13 August 2016

Movie Review: Hiblang Abo

“Hiblang Abo” speaks volumes of muted memories and infinite struggles among four men in their twilight years, confined in a hospice facility or home for the aged. Their gray hair grows and fades unnoticed, their lives enter the void of oblivion. Everything unfolds so naturally into their swan song until their body pains and heartaches yield the same intensity, when their hearing and their feelings become permanently impaired; and when their blurry vision and memories become “clear” signs that the inevitable state of death is as fleeting as the vibrancy of life itself.

With towering performances by the 4 main characters and an interesting story, Hiblang Abo represents an honest and heartwrenching depiction of abandoned senior citizens. Most of us will find echoes of their grandparents, parents, or even themselves in these emotional film. Ralston artfully captures life for older people rarely portrayed in narrative film. This film pulls no punches about aging, illness and dying. Yet, the ensemble performances of the main characters show coping gracefully,  the struggle with end of life dilemmas.

My Verdict:  3.5/5


The Cast and Crew of Hiblang Abo

Matt Daclan at the Gala Night of Hiblang Abo

Lou Veloso at the Gala Night of Hiblang Abo

Leo Rialp at the Gala Night of Hiblang Abo

Lui Manansala at the Gala Night of Hiblang Abo


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