Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Movie Review: F#*@ Bois

Two friends desperately want to become famous actors but it seems the Universe has a different plan for their lives. Best buddies Ace and Miko are seasoned beauty pageant contenders. They live in a world where showing up in their bikini briefs is the easiest way to achieve fortune and celebrity status. But an ex-lover is threatening to expose them and shock their thousands of their followers in social media.

A decent character study of two young men that affirms their existence in life thru social media. The film has attempt to become realistic as much as possible giving us the glimpse of life two social media fame whore. Two men which maintain their lifestyle by being sponsored by a wealthy and influential person. It’s not just a story about two boys joining a bikini contest and having a dream to become famous but also shows the lengths they will go to survive. Acting wise Royce Cabrera & Kokoy De Santos deliver and own their character well.  One is a hustler and the second is a neophyte. Ricky Davao delivers such a stellar performance in this film with such a scene stealer and effective antagonist. The style and treatment of Director Eduardo Roy Jr. of found story is still there but the wholeness is not intact as compared to his previous Cinemalaya films. The middle part towards the end of the film works for me as a powerful thriller film wherein you will closely follow the character of Royce & Kokoy and really feel the sympathy for the two. The ending of the film was a blast! It exactly mirrors the dilemma of the two leads on being lost in a wild and getting no direction.

My Verdict:  3.5/5

The Cast of  F#*@ Bois w/ Laurice Guillen and Chris Millado

The Cast of  F#*@ Bois w/ Laurice Guillen and Chris Millado

The friends of Royce and Kokoy on the film  F#*@ Bois

Royce Cabrera, Yayo Aguila, Kokoy De Santos

Ron Martin Angeles

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