Saturday, 28 May 2016

Movie Review: Love Me Tomorrow

Love Me Tomorrow is a generational love story anchored on the journey of a young man named JC (Piolo Pascual), a conflicted young woman Janine (Coleen Garcia), and Christy (Dawn Zulueta) - a woman on the verge of renaissance. The movie aims to inspect if love could truly bridge gaps in age, status, and other aspects of life.

Love Me Tomorrow is a film with an appealing leads and good production values. It's pleasant to see three of the beautiful face in the Philippine cinema in silver screen. There's really a chemistry between Piolo Pascual and Dawn Zulueta while Coleen Garcia strikes her character very well. I like how this film showed different perspectives in love for the three leads. The film's cinematography and production design resonate with each characters in every scene. The editing was also used in unique and creative way. The film will tell you that love isn't something you find but something that finds you. Overall the film is a decent local modern romantic film for all age.

My Verdict: 3/5

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