Sunday, 1 May 2016

JaDine Returns In A Feel Good Summer Movie "This Time"

The country’s hottest reel and real-life loveteam, James Reid and Nadine Lustre, is back to the big screen via the light, feel-good summer movie, "This Time". Written by Mel Mendoza-Del Rosario and helmed by the blockbuster director Nuel C. Naval. Opening May 4 in theaters nationwide from VIVA Films.

In “This Time,” James plays Coby, a lolo’s boy who has a childhood sweetheart, Ava (Nadine). By some twist of fate, Coby and Ava only get to spend time together during summer. This is where their feelings for each other are tested – amidst a long distance relationship. As James puts it, “I guess this movie, it’s more focused on the love, the relationship. It goes deeper into relationships like long distance relationship.“I can’t say it’s more mature ’coz it’s very light. 

In the last shooting day for the film, James Reid recounted how he and love-teammate Nadine Lustre have been very excited to go back to starring in a movie after working for months for the nightly series On The Wings of Love on ABS-CBN. According to the two, they missed acting for a movie. This Time, compared to Diary ng Panget, Talk Back and You’re Dead, and Hopeless Romantic, even OTWOL,  is very light.

The lovebirds spent five days together in Saga, Japan, where some important scenes from “This Time” were shot. They enjoyed the trip tremendously, especially since it was Nadine’s first to Japan and it has been her childhood dream to see Cherry Blossoms.

“I was very happy for Nadine. It’s her first time to see Cherry Blossoms. It’s my second time. It’s been her dream since she was a kid, so, I was very happy for her,” stresses James.

What made the experience a lot more meaningful and memorable was the fact that they were featured in a popular news channel in Japan.

James recalls, “We went to eat right after the interview and it was airing on TV and then I looked and I go like ‘wait, are we in the Philippines?’ We were really surprised.”

As for new discoveries now that they’re a couple working together as screen partners, both James and Nadine say there’s really nothing more left to discover about each other.

Only one thing surprised Nadine about James, though: “Marunong pala siyang magplantsa!”

Rivalry and competition are not taken into heart, either. For his part, James sees healthy competition in the business as a “necessity.”

He then goes on to score how he and Nadine are so lucky to have such loyal and amazing fans and it is to them that they attribute their success as JaDine.

“Well, I guess we have the fans to thank for that. When they say we’re number one ’coz we have a lot of projects right now, very successful TV show, everything’s going really well, it doesn’t mean we’re better. We just have amazing fans,” James adds.

Meanwhile, lending able support to JaDine in “This Time” are some of the country’s veteran actors and actresses like Al Tantay, Freddie Webb, Nova Villa, Ronnie Lazaro, Candy Pangilinan and VIVA artists Yam Concepcion, Donnalyn Bartolome, Issa Pressman and Bret Jackson.

This Time Presscon With James Reid and Nadine Lustre (JaDine)


Get on a romantic high and fall in love all over again as James and Nadine’s much-awaited romantic summer movie of the year, “This Time,” opens in cinemas nationwide on May 4, only from VIVA Films.


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