Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Movie Review: Diyos-Diyosan

1986- She loved her country but hated God. That is why Estrell, played by Princess Punzalan, made sure that each of her 4th year high school students would do the same.

“Serve the people! But believe only in yourself,” she stressed.
Her brilliant but broken favorite student, Bernard, played by John Prats, did just as she instructed. He believed in himself, albeit only in himself. He did not believe in Go

But somewhere along the way, Estrell met the Lord and became a believer. Bernard, on the other hand grew up and started to believe more and more in himself, that he could somehow be his own god.

Diyos-Diyosan is a decent political thriller about strategy, beliefs and idealism that is willing to unmask politician who build their campaigns on slogans and not on policies. An eye opener and a reflection of politics in our country. Despite some flaws, the film delivers with superb acting by Princess Punzalan,  effective character by John Prats and refreshing role by Kiko Estrada. Overall the message of the film is clear which is the profession of politics is a vulgar, nasty affair, the practice of which can warp one's morals and corrupt one's soul. While the eventual awful revelations might surprise the audience,the film boils down to a resolution that ideally what people would like to have.

My Verdict:  3/5 


Kiko Estrada at the Premiere Night of Diyos-Diyosan

John Prats at the Premiere Night of Diyos-Diyosan

John Prats, Director Cesar Evangelista- Buendia, Ms. Princess Punzalan and Kiko Estrada at the Premiere Night of Diyos-Diyosan

The Cast and Crew of Diyos-Diyosan after the screening

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