Thursday, 5 May 2016

Movie Review: Just The 3 Of Us

Just The Three Of Us is centered on an unlikely love story between polar opposites Uno and CJ – two strangers, and how one night changes their lives forever. Uno and CJ together paves the way for them to find in each other the kind of love they never thought they needed.

With the master of romcom film, Cathy Garcia- Molina you'll never get disappointed. I laughed, I cried, got sad, and got very happy while watching this movie. The film utilized both of the lead's charm to perfectly deliver a heartwarming and feel good film this summer.
John Lloyd Cruz as always good in his film, delivers sincerity in his character. Jennylyn Mercado is a revelation! She draws her best comedic performance in this film. She really gave it all with an earthy charm. The film will not only leave you smiling but will make you appreciate that the gift of life is the most precious gift that you will have. So if you want to enjoy and cry your heart out loud, watch Just The 3 Of Us.

My Verdict:  4/5

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