Thursday, 12 May 2016

Movie Review: My Candidate

Ivy league graduate and political scion Congressman Sonny Suarez has all that it takes to become a Senator - except for the one thing that gets you elected: charisma.

Determined to improve his lackluster showing at the polls, Sonny's team hires Billie Pono, a smart and sassy life coach. With Billie at the helm of is "personality make over", Sonny learns to be more authentic. And he also finds himself falling for his coach.

The campaign proves to be an uphill battle with many twists and turns, especially due to the sudden emergence of Vera Sanchez, Sonny's ex, who has declared her candidacy for the Senate.

Will Sonny emerge victorious?

A decent directorial comeback for Quark Henares in which you can feel his touch in this film. Not your ordinary local romantic comedy film that full of cliche, but with actually funny scenes and good performances. A different Shaina Magdayao that shows her perky side in this film and she delivered. Derek Ramsey's character has depth matching Iza Calzado's remarkable performance as always. I also love the scoring and songs used in the film. Overall highly enjoyable, fresh combinations and wacky film!


My Verdict: 3.5/5

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