Thursday, 21 May 2015

Movie Review: Binhi

A young couple with a child on the way tries to start over in Baguio. But the house they're living in proves to be home to something otherworldly. 

Its so refreshing to see this kind of horror film in cinema. This is not the typical horror film that you will see. It's been a while since I ve watch a horror film that I really like and appreciated. Binhi focuses on creating atmosphere, sometimes even more so than on crafting a smooth, flowing narrative, but all that hardly matters considering how intense and effective the final product turned out to be. Cinematography is superb and extra ordinary with matching great performance from Joem Bascon, Ruby Ruiz and Mercedes Cabral. I like the authenticity of their acting in this kind of genre film.

It isn't a perfect film, but Binhi presents an intelligent story with palatable screenplay, and above all one that manages to scare you without beating you over the head with tired horror movie cliches. The setting of the movie is in Baguio and Benguet and they been able to utilize the place that it's like they brought me in their location as I really feel the cold and scare while watching the film. The film is well directed as I keep myself hook to the film from start until the end credits. I don't have high expectation for this film before entering the theater but this film really surprises me that I've been able to absorbed it. I can say that this film is a much watch horror film this summer. In a world where horror films feel interchangeable, it is nice to see one as original and chilling as Binhi.
My Verdict: 3.5/5 

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