Thursday, 7 May 2015

Movie Review: Alimuom ng Kahapon

A poor student activist and a well-to-do photojournalist begin an unlikely relationship amidst the chaos of the protest life. 

Just like "alimuom" the love of a student activist (Angelo Ilagan) and an upper class photojournalist (DM Sevilla) needs to diffused and fade away in its critical point. It scattered because of their different ideology and social class. And, this two different persona attract and repel the love that they deserve.

Honestly, I expected and suspected that this will be a typical gay indie film. A typical, but not stereotypical third sex film that explores the emotions and disposition of a homosexual. Yet, it doesn't capture the potential and essential of its ought to be purpose. That communism as the drive of the activist is somehow "sayang" that it looks like sythetic. Other than that what I commend for this film somehow it discussed a current issue in our society, the satiric scenes regarding Morales is very witty.

In the end the whole vapor of Alimuom becomes a smog.

My Verdict: 2.5/5


Cast of Alimuom ng Kahapon with Direk Rosswil Hilario at premiere night in Robinsons Galleria

Angelo Ilagan at the premiere night of Alimuom ng Kahapon in Robinsons Galleria

Sebastian Castro at the premiere night of Alimuom ng Kahapon in Robinsons Galleria

Quick Interview with Sebastian Castro and Angelo Ilagan

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