Sunday, 10 August 2014

Movie Review: A Thief, A Kid and A Killer

Eternal optimist and born loser, Nico, enlists his gun slinging cousin, Lloyd and a sketchy group of dirty cops led by Oscar, into what is supposed to be a life-changing diamond heist. It all goes terribly wrong. Oscar and his crew attempt a double-cross during the robbery. Nico and Llyod barely escape with their lives and hide out in an apartment taking Maximo, a ten-year old, self-proclaimed genius hostage. Nico and Lloyd’s composure begin to crack but Maximo's optimistic view on life --albeit na├»ve-- about the troubles in his own life gives both thieves a moment of pause. With Oscar and his crew closing in on them each thief must choose what lengths he will take to survive—a decision that will change Maximo's life forever.

An edgy, out of the box fast paced crime drama thriller film that closes the 10th year of Cinemalaya. This is not the usual local crime drama thriller that you will see as it has a lot of various elements incorporated in the film. Matatawa ka, maiiyak at maapektuhan sa istorya ng mga characters as the crime unfolds in the film. Ofcourse audience pleaser ang kid sa pelikula na si Arvy Vidya. Felix Roco is good in this film may lalim siya sa pag-arte mapacomedy man ito or drama. Ofcourse Epy Quizon justifies well his character too in the film.

My Verdict:  3/5

Felix Roco, Direk Nathan Adolfson, Arvy Raymundo, Lance Raymundo, and Jack Falcis @ Closing Film of Cinemalaya 2014 A Thief, A Kid and A Killer

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