Sunday, 3 August 2014

Movie Review: Asintado

In the middle of the preparation for Taong Putik Festival, a young man penniless and in love, takes on a drug courier job that goes terribly wrong. To save him, his mother now makes the most difficult decision of her life.

Maganda yung story ng pelikula, pinakita dito kung ano ang kayang gawin ng isang ina para mailigtas ang kanyang mga anak. The role as loving mother was effectively portrayed by Ms. Aiko Melendez. No question and as expected she delivers in this film. Mararamdaman mo sa kanya ang pagmamahal ng isa ina sa kanyang anak. Miggs Cuaderno is also a good catch in the film. No lines but with his mentally challenged role he is very effective. I just some concerns on the script, screenplay and direction of the film that I felt that hindi siya coherent para maging buo yung pelikula. I also felt awkwardness on some of the characters of the film. I felt na medyo mababaw yung pagkakatahi sa character nila. The only saving grace of the film aside from its story and acting prowess of Aiko and Miggs is the setting of the film, it’s a refreshing for us audience to see this kind of story in province together with their festival that they celebrating.

 My Verdict:  2.5/5

Asintado Casts with Direk Loui Ignacio @ Gala of Asintado

Aiko Melendez @ Gala of Asintado

Gabby Eigeman @ Gala of Asintado

Rita De Guzman @ Gala of Asintado

Rochelle Pangilinan @ Gala of Asintado

Jak Roberto @ Gala of Asintado

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