Sunday, 3 August 2014

Movie Review: 1st Ko Si 3rd

In the film, Nova portrays Cory, a retired woman who goes on a date with her first love named Third (Freddie). The two were separated for four decades but their feelings for each other are re-ignited when their paths cross again.

I like the story of the film about the first love intertwined with the lives of senior citizen. You will enjoy watching this film as there is a lot of element the film gave make us laugh from the screenplay up to the the good acting prowess of Ms. Nova Villa. Maayos din ang pagkakatahi tahi ng mga eksena upang maging buo yung core story ng pelikula. Malinis and smooth sailing ang flow ng movie. I think this could easily crossover to mainstream with the audience reception upon watching I can see the potential. Feel good yung movie tapos may moment din si Ms. Nova sa mga heavy scenes.

I also appreciate the fact that this film gave us story about seniors na light lang yung tema at makapagpapasaya sa atin. Overall maayos at malinis at pagkakagawa ng film. Good story, screenplay, and editing. So if you want to watch a Cinemalaya entry that will laugh your heart loud and a film that gave tribute to our grandparents watch this film. The most enjoyable film that I watch so far this year in Cinemalaya.

My Verdict:  3.5/5

Direk Real Florido @ Gala of 1st Ko Si 3rd

Denise Barbacena, Nova Villa RJ Agustin and Ken Chan @ Gala of 1st Ko Si 3rd

Freddie Webb, Nova Villa, Ken Chan, Denise Barbacena @ Gala of 1st Ko Si 3rd

Denise Barbacena, Coleen Borgonia, Ken Chan, Freddie Webb, Nova Villa, Lara Morena and RJ Agustin @ Gala of 1st Ko Si 3rd

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