Monday, 4 August 2014

Movie Review: Separados

Separados is a mostly bittersweet, partly comic, partly tragic saga of six men who have separated from their wives. Based on true stories, their parallel and overlapping tales are framed by a church wedding to a second wife by one of them, who grabs another chance at matrimonial bliss.

I appreciate the ability of the director and writer to intertwined six stories in one film. To think that they just did the film in seven days that wows me more on them and the people behind this film. I also like the pacing and editing of the film which is more challenging in this kind of film. So the film got the usual story of seperations of six men having issues with their partners. The treatment of the film is good. Pinakanagustuhan ko iyong story ni Victor which is his story is the anchor of the film. Then the film got also got good acting performance from Ricky Davao, Victor Neri, Sharmaine Arnaiz and Angel Jacob. I agree that this could cross on mainstream based on the treatment texture and screenplay of the film.

My Verdict:  3/5

Direk GB Sampedro @ Gala of Separados

Victor Neri @ Gala of Separados

Ricky Davao @ Gala of Separados

Alfred Vargas @ Gala of Separados

Erik Santos @ Gala of Separados

Mengie Cabarubias @ Gala of Separados
Sue Prado @ Gala of Separados

Althea Vega @ Gala of Separados

Ritz Azul @ Gala of Separados

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