Monday, 29 July 2013

Movie Review: Transit

Moises, a single dad working in Israel, must now accompany his 4-year old son, Joshua, back to the Philippines after the Israeli government declared that children of foreign workers will be deported. 

The film depicts the inter-connected lives of OFWs who struggle to prevent their children from being deported to the Philippines.

I like the texture of the film. It was so international and feels like that their so far away that will help you to catch their emotion. It’s good that this kind of story was brought out in the film. This is something na hindi pa nakukwento tungkol doon sa mga OFW in Israel. The material is fresh and this is something that we can hook up to. Technical wise maayos ang pagkakagawa ng pelikula it was so consistent and smooth flowing. Nonlinear story telling ang ginamit hindi siya magulo at naintindihan ko siya. Good job for the editors, the writers and script continuity.

Mahusay ang DOP ng pelikulang the fact that it was shot aboad that would make it harder. Madalang sa pelikulang Pilipino na gawang  abroad na madadala ka mismo doon sa lugar na iyon. On watching this film, I really felt that I was in Israel, naramdaman ko yung envrironment at emosyon na ipinakita sa pelikula. Kudos for the actors special mention to Mr. Ping Medina ang husay husay niya rito ramdam na ramdam ko siya bilang tatay, may laban siya for Best Actor in this film. Jasmin Curtis Smith is good as a newbie in the industry I see Anne Curtis on her while Anne is just statring. Ms. Irma Adlawan no question brilliant actress. The kid Justine Alvarez is so adorable and mahusay the fact the he needs to learn to speak Hebrew in just couple of days. Mercedes Cabral has her own shining moment in the film.

I personally like the film. I got the message and story. This film is good contender for Best Picture in Cinemalaya 2013.

My Verdict: 4/5 

Ping, Pen and Alex Medina @ Gala of Transit

Producer Paul Soriano, Direk Hannah Espiah and Ping Medina

Jasmin Curtis and Producer Paul Soriano
Anne Curtis @ Gala of Transit

Ms. Irma Adlawan @ Gala of Transit

Jasmin Curtis @ Gala of Transit

Marc Justin Alvarez @ Gala of Transit

Ping Medina @ Gala of Transit

Sam Concepcion @ Gala of Transit

Karla Humphris, Solen Heusaff and Erwan Heusaff @ Gala of Transit

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