Monday, 29 July 2013

Movie Review: Rekorder

The story of a former 1980s film cameraman who now currently works as a movie pirate operating in present day Manila. He routinely smuggles a digital camcorder into movie theaters in order to illegally record films. One night he records something else. And the footage goes viral.

I appreciate the technicality of the film, they utilize different camera technology, they used different style in angle of camera and it was effective in telling the story. So tungkol ito sa iang cameramen na namimirata ng mga pelikula sa sinehan na nakasaksi ng isang krimen played by Ronnie Quizon. You will notice sa character ni Ronnie yung bigat na dinadala niya sa buhay. It was presented to us viewers visually, by the way he interacts to others, kung paano niya ganun kamahal ang old model niya na camera, kung bakit  hesitant siyang tumestigo doon sa krimen then towards the end after he realize certain things after he release all of the excess baggage then doon na siya makapagmove on at gagawin ang tamang desisyon na naaayon sa tama. It will reveal in the end kung bakit ganun kabigat yung dinadala niya at kung bakit ayaw niyang makipag cooperate sa pulis sa crime as witness.

Madaming mga layers ang pelikulang ito hindi lang umikot doon sa story ng main character pati na rin sa pag evolve ng movie piracy and the trend that we have for the access in getting a visual presentation whether it’s a movie or a viral video. So for the the amateur film maker to bring up on this film, he ws so great. 

Makikita mo talaga yung modern style and technique na ginamit in film making. Though it will show in some of the scene yung pagiging amateur ng isang director sa ilang mga sequences treatment but those are few scenes only.
DOP and editing is very good. It was consistent all throughout the film. The actors is good Mr. Ronnie Quizon is really in character in this film. He has its own moment na ang lalim lalim niya.

So if you would want to watch a modern approach in doing a film, if you want to think while watching, if you want to appreciate the different shots in the film this is worth your time watching.

My Verdict: 3.5/5 

Ronnie Quizon

Direk Mikhael Red and Casts of Rekorder

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