Wednesday, 5 July 2017

You Can Now Play ‘Bloody Crayons’

Bloody Crayons is a not a real game. It was created by writer Jason Argonza for his story of the same title published by Precious Pages. But thanks to Star Cinema’s Creative Team, you can now play it.

In the film adaptation’s trailer, Mariz Racal’s character Richlaine, explained how it’s played. She relayed it again during the movie’s press conference recently held at ABS-CBN’s Dolphy Theater.

“Sa larong ito, there are four sets of colors, red, black, blue white and pink. Every color represents something. Kapag black ang nabunot mo, you have to make a rule which the group must follow. Pink is a friendship crayon which means you pick a friend who will dare you. White is an immunity crayon. You don’t have to do anything. Blue is called an honesty crayon wherein you confess yung bagay na hindi mo pa nagagawa,” explained Mariz.

The Bloody Crayons game ends when the last red crayon is picked.

Beforehand, every person who picked a red crayon must put something inside the bloody mug. The last person who unfortunately picks the last red crayon must chug down everything inside the bloody mug. “Game over,” quipped Mariz.

The game’s creation was prompted by the movie’s director Topel Lee who told Star Cinema’s Creative Team to make “Bloody Crayons” a suspense-thriller different from other past Hollywood films of the same genre.

Jason expressed, “The main thing about my book is how normal things become abnormal when viewed in a different way. Crayons are not scary. It doesn’t contain or present danger. Sino ba ang natatakot sa Crayons? It even brings joy. So what makes it scary? Bakit may blood?

So that’s one of the main things na gusto kong ipakita, all things normal can be abnormal given the right circumstances.”

As to how it became a Star Cinema film, JP Abellera explained, “Star Cinema got interested with ‘Bloody Crayons’ because isa talaga ito sa mga best selling novels of Precious Pages. And naging excited kami because ito yung magiging suspense thriller namin in a long long time.

And natuwa kami na young yung characters ng novel na yun. Meorn lang kaming konting tweaking sa novel para gawing cinematic yung kwento.”

In the cast are Janella Salvador, Elmo Magalona, Sofia Andres, Diego Loyzaga, Jane Oineza, Mariz Rascal, Yves Flores, Empoy Marquez and Ronnie Alonte.

“Bloody Crayons” is about nine college friends who journey to an island to shoot a short film. Unknown to them, it would be their last get together as friends. When one of them died mysteriously, it cast doubts on each other as to who the killer is. What makes matters worst is that the killing never stops. The question then that “Bloody Crayons” will answer at the end is who is the killer and who will survive the island of death!

“Bloody Crayons” is slated for a July 12 opening in nationwide theaters.

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