Sunday, 9 July 2017

Movie Review: What Home Feels Like

“What Home Feels Like” tells the home life of father and seaman, Antonio, who is forced to spend most of time at home upon learning that he can never aboard a ship again. Facing struggles as he doesn’t know what to do next, he follows the footsteps of his parents and buys a farm using their family savings.

Dealing with his forced retirement gives him several realizations. Spending his last 33 years as a seaman caused him to not know his family on a personal level. What's even worse is now that he has the chance to catch up, his kids are leaving and his wife is used to living without him

Elevated by gripping performance from Bembol Roco and supported by Irma Adlawan, What Home Feels like is a heartfelt drama that is sorrow-laden and moving. It is is accurate & compassionate.  Anyone who has family member working abroad will appreciate the film's sincere intentions. Newbie actors Rex Lantino and Bianca Libinting gave natural performance together with  Aaron Rivera and Biboy Ramirez. The film moves in a precise and subtle way and manages to transmit strong emotions. Audience will definitely relate on most of the powerful scenes in the film that mirrors the relationship between parents and their children. The film silent moments is it strong anchor to deliver it message.The film has personal touch to me that made my heart cry out loud.

My Verdict: 4/5 

Bianca Libinting, Biboy Ramirez & Rex Lantino graces the press preview of What Home Feels Like

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