Saturday, 15 July 2017

Movie Review: Bloody Crayons

Bloody Crayons is about nine college friends who journey to an island to shoot a short film. Unknown to them, it would be their last get together as friends. When one of them died mysteriously, it cast doubts on each other as to who the killer is. What makes matters worst is that the killing never stops. The question then that “Bloody Crayons” will answer at the end is who is the killer and who will survive the island of death!

Bloody Crayons is definitely an entertaining suspense film best watch with friends to enjoy with. I love horror suspense film and I enjoyed watching this. All of the cast have their shining moments. Jane standout for me as well as Janella who's really good in horror genre. Ronnie is an eye candy and a good third wheel to ElNella in this film.
I loved Elmo's nuanced performance. Maris, Yves & Empoy are the comic relief of the film that will truly make you laugh. Great cast and cinematography carried the movie along with its plot. So if you're fan of local suspense thriller film you should watch this.

My Verdict: 3.5/5 

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