Saturday, 8 July 2017

Ronwaldo Martin Stars In Coming of Age Film 'Baklad' by Topel Lee

Baklad  is a dark comedy-drama flick by Topel Lee for this year's ToFarm Film Festival. The film tackles the story of one of the most neglected sectors in the Philippine workforce and society. These are the fish pen boys.

They give fish to the Filipino people to eat every day without even realizing the kind of lives they are living. They are drowning in sorrow as they seek to break free from the nets of poverty and swim towards real freedom.

Coco Martin’s younger brother Ronwaldo Martin who recently appeared in top rating TV series 'Ang Probinsyano' and acclaimed independent films like 'Ari: My Life With A King', 'Pamilya Ordinaryo' and 'Bhoy Intsik' will headline the coming of age story of a fish pen boy who is learning to dream big.

In the film, the younger Martin is reunited with Elora EspaƱo, his former leading lady in the independent film 'Bhoy Intsik'.

Tutoy as played by Ronwaldo had a sexual awakening from his boss’ new lover. And driven by such, he starts to find ways to elope with the woman. But his dreams will only produce devastating results, not only for him but also for people around him.

In the film, they are joined by Rafa Siguion-Reyna along with Hector Macaso, Jesus Allan Forte, John Vincent Sevilla, Rowena Concepcion, Vincent Magbanua, Royce Cabrera, Raul Morit and Dess Versosa. 

You may catch Baklad on the following screening schedule

JULY 12 (Wed)

11:00 AM – SM Megamall  

1:30 PM – SM Manila  
4:00 PM – Greenbelt 1  
4:00 PM – Robinsons Metro East  
6:30 PM – Gateway  
9:00 PM – Robinsons Galleria

 JULY 13 (Thu)

1:30 PM – SM Megamall  

4:00 PM – SM Manila  
6:30 PM – Greenbelt 1 
6:30 PM -- Robinsons Metro East

JULY 14 (Fri)

11:00 AM – Robinsons Galleria 

4:00 PM – SM Megamall  
6:30 PM – SM Manila  
9:00 PM – Robinsons Metro East  
9:00 PM – Greenbelt 1

JULY 15 (Sat)

11:00 AM – Gateway  

1:30 PM – Robinsons Galleria 
4:00 PM – Robinsons Metro East  
6:30 PM – SM Megamall  
9:00 PM – SM Manila  
9:00 PM -- Robinsons Galleria

JULY 16 (Sun)

11:00 AM – Greenbelt 1  

11:00 AM -- Robinsons Metro East  
1:30 PM – Gateway 
4:00 PM – Robinsons Galleria  
9:00 PM – SM Megamall

JULY 17 (Mon)

11:00 AM – SM Manila  

1:30 PM – Greenbelt 1  
4:00 PM – Gateway  
6:30 PM – Robinsons Galleria  
9:00 PM – Robinsons Metro East

 JULY 18 (Tue)

11:00 AM – Robinsons Galleria  

1:30 PM – SM Manila  
6:30 PM – Gateway

To know more about the #ToFarmFilm Festival2017, visit this link -

ToFarm Film Festival 2017 runs from July 12-18, 2017 at SM Megamall, SM Manila, Greenbelt 1, Gateway, Robinsons Galleria & Robinsons Metro East


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