Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Cinemalaya 2017 Full Length Feature Official Entries

Cora searches for the “the family that doesn’t weep,” which people believe has the superpower to bring back lost loved ones. Utilizing all her resources, time and wealth, Cora is desperate to complete her broken family at all costs.

CAST: Sharon Cuneta, Niño Muhlach, Moi Bien, Kiko Matos, Flor Salanga, Joe Gruta, Cris Villanueva, Richard Quan, Michelle Vito, Philip Olayvar, Alonzo Muhlach 

Directed By: Mes De Guzman

Suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, Matt journeys to fulfill his ultimate goal of biking all the way from Manila to Mt. Pinatubo, while defying nature and encountering the woman he wants to be with along the way.

CAST:  Jake Cuenca, Anna Luna, Richard Quan, Rommel Luna, Anne Marzan, Albert Chan Paran, Miguel Malonzo, Noubikko Ray

Directed By: Nerissa Picadizo

 Luna went missing. Jason Harper, her American husband, is suspected of killing her. As Jason intends to leave the country, circumstances conspire to avert his plan.

CAST:  Gina Alajar as Ingrid, JC Santos as Rommel, Jameson Blake as Paul, Elaine Yu as Leni, Lito Pimentel as Albert, Jerom Canlas as Rocky, Sue Prado as Luna, Krystal Mejes as April, Dannah Cardoza as Ann, Jojo Riguerra as Benjie, Lao Rodriguez as Roel, Raul Morit as Kapitan, Billy Ray Gallion as Jason

Directed By: Sonny Calvento

In a sleepy island village in Southern Tagalog lives a young lass, Divina, who mulls whether to have her father officially declared dead after missing at sea three months ago amidst the mysticism and realities happening around her.

CAST: Elora Españo as Divina; Therese Malvar as Dian; JM Salvado as Dino; Jess Mendoza as Pol; Ron Lord as Li Yiquan; Isaac Cain Aguire as Loloy; Anna Luna as Nica; Erlinda Villalobos as Aling Lora; Bon Andrew Lentejas as Caloy; Bembol Rocco as Mang Danny; Jeric Raval as Col. Abdullah; Suzette Ranillo as Mengga

Directed By: Joseph Israel Laban

Set in a barrio in southwestern Mindanao, the film tells about a young farmer who became the educator in their community even though he is illiterate. One day, he heads to the city and fails to return. His students then decide to join a rebel organization and learn to become skilled warriors.

CAST: Alfred Vargas, Miggs Cuaderno, Marc Justine Alvarez, Micko Laurente, Lou Veloso, Mon Confiado, James Blanco, Loren Burgos, Kiko Matos, Marife Necesito, Ernie Garcia, Bon Andrew Lentejas, Paul Sy, Alvin Barcelona, Gabrielle Concepcion, Lianne Valentino, Richard Manabat and Joana Marie Tan

Directed By: Perry Escano

Bagahe explores the life of an OFW, named Mercy, who is suspected of abandoning a newborn child in a trash bin of an airplane toilet. The film shows what happens to her while being investigated.

CAST:  Angeli Bayani, Shamaine Buencamino, Boots Anson-Roa, Racquel Villavicencio, Bing Pimentel, Menggie Cobarrubias, Arnold Reyes, Madlen Nicolas, Yayo Aguila, Sue Prado, Rollie Inocencio, Matt Daclan, Micko Laurente, Chanel Latorre, Erlinda Villalobos, Alvin Nakassi, Natileigh Sitoy, Jill Palencia, Cataleya Surio, Janet Queblatin

Directed By: Zig Dulay 

Father Romi and altar boy Nonoy find themselves in a predicament after Magda confesses that she has committed murder after she found out that her husband and her friend have an adulterous relationship. Torn between following the Seal of the Confessional and finding a way to deliver justice, the two carry the weight of Magda’s sins.

CAST: Angel Aquino as Magda, Jake Macapagal as Fr. Romy, Jess Mendoza as Lester, Anthony Falcon as Rene, Ricky Davao as Hector, Sam Quintana as Nonoy, Mercedes Cabral as Dolores, Mark Dionisio as Victor 

Directed By: Iar Arondaing

After the death of his mother, an 11-year-old boy was left alone with his nanny Diday and tries to reconnect with his estranged father George, a has-been boxer. Filling the gap of the time lost, the father and son bonds through their shared love for boxing.

CAST:  Noel Comia Jr., Yayo Aguila, Yul Servo  PRODUCTION STAFF: WRITERS - Denise O’Hara, Ash Malanum, Heber Justin O’Hara and Emmanuel Espejo Jr

Directed By: Thop Nazareno

Amidst the violence and poverty happening around him, Hendrix dreams of becoming a rapper. But he needs to find the right words to penetrate the hiphop world through the help of seasoned poet Doc.

CAST:  Abra as Hendrix, Dido de la Paz as Doc, Loonie as Breezy G, Chai Fonacier as Betchai, Sylvester as Payaso; Nor Domingo as Fuentes, Kate Alejandrino as Candy, Brian Arda as Mando, Thea Ystaroza as Connie

Directed By: Alberto Treb Monteras III

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Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival runs from August 4 to 13, 2017 at the various venues of the CCP, Glorietta, Greenbelt, Trinoma, U.P. Town Center, Fairview Terraces and Marquee Mall

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