Saturday, 22 July 2017

Movie Review: Dunkirk

The film depicts the dramatic and true story of the Dunkirk evacuations from a war torn beach and harbour in France, following the seemingly doomed plight of allied soldiers in World War II. As the enemy forces close in it seems the troops have nowhere to go, but help is at hand and a fierce battle ensues.

Dunkirk is a one of kind war film that feels larger than life. Feels like I'm in the war zone inside the IMAX cinema. Technically awesome with incredible sound design, great cinematography and polished editing. Heart pounding film that keeps you on edge from the moment it starts till it ends. Another masterpiece from Christopher Nolan with unique nonlinear compelling storytelling that without a doubt an Oscar-worthy. Dunkirk is one of the best war film ever made and the best on this generation.

My Verdict: 5/5

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