Sunday, 24 April 2016

Movie Review: T.P.O.

Teresa a battered mother in the hands of her husband, Miguel. When their son Miguelito starts to get hurt as violence erupts at its worst, Teresa will seek Temporary Protection Order (TPO) against her husband. Meanwhile, Miguel, together with their son, goes through the same long and arduous process of applying for the custody of their son on the town’s most festive and busiest day.

T.P.O.'s story is worth telling, as law enforcement, justice system and society as a whole have often turned a deaf ear to the victims of domestic violence. A deeply empathetic film that draws strength from the unique vision of the lens to listen without judging. Structural long shots pervades this film, but that can't  suppress the strong force of emotion it evokes.

My Verdict:  3.5/5


The Cast of T.P.O.: Miko Laurente and Mara Lopez with Director Joselito Altarejos and Sinag Maynila CEO Wilson Tieng

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