Saturday, 2 April 2016

Cristine Reyes Stars In Viva Films' Summer Horror Film "Elemento"

Elemento is a supernatural horror drama about a mother experiencing strange things after her son comes home from a school fieldtrip to a forest. It all stems from the changed behavior of her son who has become menacing, frightening, and threatening all of a sudden.

Things get to a head when Kara (played by Cristine Reyes) receives a phone call from a boy asking her to rescue him in the forest. He claims to be her son. A neighbor, who has seen some of the odd happenings in Kara ’ s home, gives unsolicited advise to Kara, telling her to fetch the boy crying out for help in the forest because he could be telling the truth.   The encounter in the forest is a harrowing ordeal that ends well for Kara’s real son. However, it leads to a shocking discovery for Kara.

Early this year, VIVA International Pictures gave us the heart-pumping blockbuster horror movie, The Boy.  If you’re one of those who enjoyed the psychological tension brought by its leading character, Brahms, then brace yourself for another story of an ominous boy in VIVA Films’ Elemento
Elemento is Mark Meily’s first creative venture into the horror genre.  Aside from being the director, he also wrote the screenplay, basing it on his own child’s supernatural experience.  As evident in the trailer, Meily has made a gripping movie that is worth watching in full.  His roster of films include the acclaimed movies like Crying Ladies, La Visa Loca, ABNKKBSNPLAko, and award-winning historical masterpieces Baler, and El Presidente.  

Playing the role of Lucas, this film is a big break for young actor Albert Silos who appeared in Turo Turo which was part of MMFF New Wave competition last December.  Elemento also stars Jake Cuenca as Lucas’ father.  

See how Elemento takes Pinoy horror to a new direction.  Opens in cinemas on April 6, 2016.  

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