Thursday, 7 April 2016

Movie Review: Echorsis

More than a spoof of The Exorcist, ECHORSIS (echos!) is a comedic examination of our gender biases, a hilarious parody of our religious bigotry, and a cautionary tale of possession--of the demons we call Demon, and the daimon we call love.  
A hilarious dark comedy film that works delightfully because of its good script, screenplay and witty performance by John Lapuz, Alex Medina and Kean Cipriano supported by humorous performance as well by Francine Garcia, Nico Antonio and Bekimon. In portraying romance, the film transcends its homosexual themes, while at the same time celebrating them. The film represents a keen, personal look at the difficulties of being a gay in a heterosexual world. Echorsis isn't particularly deep, nor a great piece of film making, but it's so sweet-natured and well-acted that it's hard to resist. It is good that this is not only your typical local comedy horror film but a film that conveys a deeper message for LGBT in our society.

My Verdict: 3.5/5


Alex Medina and Kean Cipriano with Director Lemuel Lorca

Alex Medina and Kean Cipriano

Alex Medina

John Lapus


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