Saturday, 23 April 2016

Movie Review: Lila

Jess is a young woman running from her past and moves into the house of a warmhearted landlady. She finds a diary in her room that belonged to an old tenant. As days pass, strange occurrences ensue and the diary’s words take an eerie turn when Jess finds herself in the middle of a malevolent turn of events from a dark past not entirely her own.

Lila is numbingly fascinating, partly due to its carefully composed antiseptic visual style that is pretty interesting
and eerie envrironment that works well with graceful editing. Far more insightful and perceptive than most actioners, yet with enough thrills and spills to satisfy adrenaline junkies. The opening act has a level of insight that builds up the last act which brings exciting energy to the rest of the movie.

My Verdict:  3.5/5


Director Gino M. Santos

Enchong Dee and Director Gino M. Santos

Enchong Dee

Janine Gutierrez

The Cast and Crew of Lila

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