Friday, 23 February 2018

Movie Review: The Significant Other

The Significant Other is centered on top fashion models Nicole (Gonzales) and Maxene (Poe) who are two friends who realized that they are romantically involved with the same man - plastic surgeon Edward (Rodriguez). Nicole believes she is going through a whirlwind courtship with the man of her dreams while Monique is fighting for a deep  secret that benefits her and her man. Both women believe that they are man's significant other.

The Significant Other is visually sexy with spot-on acting. It is a glossy retelling of local infidelity story that pinoys love to watch. It has all the elements of campy love affair film, from the structure of the story, sizzling love scenes up to crispy confrontational scenes. Cinematography works fine in the film.  Tom Rodriguez is effective as a pretentious husband to Lovi and lover to Erich. Erich Gonzales is good as well as a probinsyana turned model that became a victim of Tom's impulsiveness to women. Lovi Poe the one who shines among the three delivers a finely textured performance as top model wife of Tom who plays her character very well and may get an acting nod from the award giving body next year. I loved how the film ends for giving us a stylish conclusion and a deserving resolution for the three main characters.

My Verdict: 3.5/5


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