Thursday, 15 February 2018

Movie Review: Sin Island

The story revolves around picture perfect married couple David (Lim) and Kanika (Garcia) whose paradise in each other's arms will be put to test as Kanika enters into a dangerous affair shortly after the career of David tanks into a downward spiral. As David discovers Kanika's transgressions, he flees to Sinilaban Island where he meets and engages in a carnal affair with a girl named Tasha (Hart). Despite their mistakes, David and Kanika decided to rekindle their relationship but Tasha refuses to let go of David.

Campy at its best. Got shocked by the steamy hot scenes from Xian, Coleen and Nathalie. Sin Island flashes some surprising toughness beneath its stylish exterior, bolstered by sensual performance by the three leads. Coleen Garcia is the one stand out for me in this film as her character is the heart of the film and she been able to portray her role well as a loving wife who became a victim of an illicit affair. Appreciated Direk Gino Santos stylish treatment in some of the scenes that  felt like watching a well done wedding video. Xian Lim is so hot with overflowing and  sex appeal in this film that also act well with Coleen and delivers sexual chemistry with Nathalie. Nathalie Hart owns his character and give life to the film. Loved the KZ Tandingan's version of Isang Linggong Pag-ibig as theme song for giving us new flavor of this OPM song. The film succeeds with its intention to give us a glossy entertaining sexy Valentine treat.

My Verdict: 3.5/5


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