Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Movie Review: My Fairy Tail Love Story

The film takes the moviegoers to a journey under the sea as the pampered princess, Chantel was cursed to be a mermaid who could not speak but can only sing to air her thoughts.

My Fairy Tail Love Story rich visual pleasures are matched by the good performance by Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona that suits to their role well. With its creative narrative, the film takes us to an unusual fairy tale that gave a heartwarming ending that you will not expect.  My Fairy Tail Love Story is the perfect launching film for ElNella that captures the heart of kids, teens and young at heart. Janella Salvador justified her role as the bratty teen ager turns into mermaid. While Elmo Magalona matches the performance as a nerdy best friend  that you will love to have. Kiko Estrada as the third wheel and Kiray Celis as the fun character adds entertainment value to the film. The theme song Be My Fairy Tale composed by Moira Dela Torre is catchy and blended well into the film. This engaging film plays magnificently with its intention to achieve a  Disney film vibes and treatment like turning an animated fairy tale into a film. It's a breathe of a fresh air in a local romantic comedy film. A glossy entertaining film in every sense with a deep sentiment. Overall, My Fairy Tail Love Story is the best film to watch this Valentine's season with your family and loved ones.

My Verdict: 4/5


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