Friday, 18 August 2017

Movie Review: Triptiko

Triptiko is an anthology movie that features 3 startling and #medyoweird stories. A yuppie who just got lucky is stuck by a string of unlucky circumstances; a made model's life is upended because of evil boils appearing on his body; a folk singer's romantic ideals are to the test as his beloved slowly changes into something he does not understand.

Charmingly odd and thoroughly well-paced and written smartly. This film is a surprise for me in this festival as I did not expect that I will like and enjoy this weird film. The first 2 episodes are hilarious and the last one is sweet. Albie CasiƱo, Joseph Marco and Kean Cipriano are eye candy to watch and glad to see Kylie Padilla on a big screen. I think this is Joseph Marco most challenging role so far on his career, while Kean and Kylie got natural chemistry together. Triptiko offers adventurous viewers an experience that we don't usually see on local films.

My Verdict: 3.5/5

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