Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Woke Up Like This is Guaranteed 100 Percent Non-Stop Entertainment

Regal Films’ latest family comedy for all ages, “Woke Up Like This” starring Vhong Navarro and Lovi Poe, is guaranteed 100 percent non-stop entertainment. Those who have watched the premiere night  of Joel Ferrer’s movie agree “Woke Up Like This” is Vhong and Lovi’s funniest.

This should come as no surprise because Regal is also known for churning out comic films for the entire family just like its last release, Ai-Ai de las Alas’ “Our Mighty Yaya,” which made quite a killing at the tills.

In addition, Regal adapts to the times as even the film’s title, “Woke Up Like This,” was coined and made popular by the millennial generation. 

In the film, Vhong plays Lando, dubbed as the King of the Basketball Court. A hardcore cager, he is a dutiful son who takes on the role of the head

of the family when his father (played by Joey Marquez) meets an accident and injures himself on the hard court. Lando’s dream of being part of a prestigious basketball league is sidelined when he wakes up one day in the body of a woman he barely knows.

Lovi, meanwhile, is Sabrina. Tagged as the Ramp Queen, she is beautiful, svelte and very competitive, too. Her fate as a sought-after model vying for the Supermodel of the Whole Wide Philippines crown suffers a setback when she finds herself  trapped in a man’s body.

They mystery behind Lando and Sabrina’s switch is the subject of “Woke Up Like This’” endless comic twists. Lovi gets ample comic support from equally kikay co-stars Cora Waddel, Yana Asistio and Dionne Monsanto.

Joey and Bayani, on the other hand, lend winning comic timing in hilarious scenes like that of Vhong’s shower scene as Sabrina. 

“Woke Up Like This” may be Lovi’s first comedy movie but she managed to pass the test with a new monicker, “LPJ,” which stands for “Lovi Poe Jr.”

The actress’ dad, the late Fernando Poe Jr., was himself a natural comedian aside from being local filmdom’s action king.

As for Vhong, he has proven his knack for comedy once too many but he offers fresh “hugots” and comic style that would endear him even more to local audience.

The two lead actors’ performance in “Woke Up Like This” pays off  handsomely as the film’s trailer earn almost 10 million views on social media. Even their mall shows are sell outs.

As bonus, Vhong’s fellow “It’s Showtime” hosts plus a handful of  basketball players have agreed to do cameos in “Woke Up Like This,” which opens in cinemas nationwide on August 23.

The movie is but one of Regal’s 24 offerings lined up for the year.

Currently in production are films like “Recipe for Love,” starring Christian Bables and Cora Waddel, “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter” with Barbie Forteza, Ken Chan and Thea Tolentino; “The Debutantes,”

“Haunted Forest” and “My Fairy Tail Love Story,” topbilling Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona, among others.


Vhong Navarro and Lovi Poe

Dionne Monsanto

Cora Waddell

Alyana Asistio
The Cast of Woke Up Like This: Mitoy Yonting, Joey Marquez, Raikko Mateo, Alyana Asistio, Dionne Monsanto, Cora Waddell, Lovi Poe, Vhong Navarro, Writers: Joma Labayen and Jeps Gallon and the director Joel Ferrer

ElNella (Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador) graces the premiere of Woke Up Like This and watch the teaser of their upcoming film My Fairy Tale Love Story

Hashtags McCoy De Leon, Nikko Natividad, Paulo Angeles, Kid Yambao and Franco Hernandez graces the premiere of Woke Up Like This to support Vhong Navarro

Hashtags Wilbert Ross Jimboy Martin CK Kieron, Maru Delgado, Rayt Carreon graces the premiere of Woke Up Like This to support Vhong Navarro

Myrtle Sarrosa supports the director of the film Joel Ferrer and graces the premiere of Woke Up Like This
Christian Bables graces the premiere of Woke Up Like This and watch the teaser of his upcoming film Recipe For Love

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford graces the premiere of Woke Up Like This to support Vhong Navarro

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