Saturday, 19 August 2017

Movie Review: Bar Boys

Four young men enter the dog-eat-dog world of Philippine Law School. Four best friends enter law school and forced to make sacrifices along the way. They sacrifice sleep, love family and even their principles to succeed. However, the dog-eat-dog nature of the institution ultimately force them to sacrifice each other

Another surprise film for me on the first edition of Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2017. Brilliant film and well written. I personally like the film as the movie just flow smoothly with fine acting from Rocco Nacino, Kean Cipriano, Enzo Pineda and Carlo Aquino. The film resonates the struggle and survival of college students. It is an entertaining barkada film that closely mirrors the life of a student in Philippine Law School. For sure you will miss your barkada back in your college days after watching this film. Camping it up, Bar Boys is hilarious and heartfelt film about friendship and college life. It is an inspiring  film about  young adulthood and real life underdog that succeeds with an uplifting spirit and determination.

My Verdict: 4/5 

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