Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Movie Review: Bagahe

Bagahe explores the life of an OFW, named Mercy, who is suspected of abandoning a newborn child in a trash bin of an airplane toilet. The film shows what happens to her while being investigated.

Angeli Bayani's remarkable and convincing performance might gave her a Best Actress Award for this years' Cinemalaya. Bagahe is a journey itself of letting go an emotional baggage. It is simple and authentic that take us closely to the main character as the story unfolds. Bagahe is the fourth film that I saw in Cinemalaya this year with crime as a major element in the story but what makes it different is it's unique narrative that reflects the current political and justice system of our country and the mind set of people in dealing with controversial news stories. The film subdued message let the audience interprets what it is trying to say.


My Verdict: 4/5



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