Thursday, 10 August 2017

Movie Review: Respeto

Amidst the violence and poverty happening around him, Hendrix dreams of becoming a rapper. But he needs to find the right words to penetrate the hiphop world through the help of seasoned poet Doc.

The breakthrough and the surprise of this year's Cinemalaya. It succeeds in evoking its message with its smooth narrative and inner layers of story. Abra (Raymond Abracosa) is a natural actor. The film is tailor made for him and to Dido de la Paz that might grab the best supporting actor award for this festival. The sound and music  adds the appropriate feels of the film. Respeto is not only about fliptop battle it is also the battles of life in general. Respeto is refreshing way to build a story with the director Alberto Treb Monteras III that puts a new spin on the familiar poverty theme  and also showcase the talents of rapper Abra. 

My Verdict: 4/5


Abra (Raymond Abracosa)

Kate Alejandrino

Abra with Ricky Lee

The Cast and Crew of Respeto

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