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Kapuso Cook-Off - A Bonding With Stars To Remember

GMA's artist participated for the Kapuso Cook-Off: Coleen Perez, Benjamin Alves, Stephanie Sol and Mayton Eugenio

The Kapuso Cook-Off is a cooking match between 3 teams, composed of GMA's artists and top blogger in the entertainment/lifestyle and food industry. The artists are Coleen Perez, Mayton Eugenio, and Benjamin Alves. The event is hosted by Stepahnie Sol.

Let's get to know the stars participated in the Kapuso Cook-Off

Benjamin Alves - A Certified Foodie

Benjamin Alves is a certified foodie. His Instagram account has photos of dishes with the hashtag #teamOink. He is also active in sports. Benjamin swims, bikes and runs. Moreover, Benjamin is both brawn and brain, since he graduated with a degree in English Literature and was Summa Cum Laude. He bagged the role of Doc. Kerby in the GMA's recently concluded prime-time series "Hiram na Alaala".


Stepahnie Sol - Hosts the Kapuso Cook Off

Stepahnie Sol is the first Miss Teen Philippines and is now a model-actress. She is not just a pretty but a strong woman as well who loves mountain climbing. She conquers mountain during her free time. Stephanie plays the role of the antagonist Belle in the GMA's prime-time series "More Than Words".


Mayton Eugeniio - Takes Culinary Course

Mayton loves to learn different things. She went to a dance school in Los Angeles. In the Philippines, she is a student of  culinary course at the Center for Asian Culinary Studies under Cafe Ysabel. Mayton currently plays the role of Chelsea in the GMA's prime-time series "More Than Words".


Colleen Perez - Bake Cupcakes During Her Past Time

Coleen Perez started out in commercials before being part of  Artist Center. During her spare time, Coleen bakes sweets for her business, and features them in her Instagram account. She recently celebrated her birthday last January 23. Coleen plays the role of Molly, one of the mean girls in the GMA's prime-time series "More Than Words".


The Queen Bees of  GMA's prime-time series "More Than Words": Mayton Eugenio, Stephanie Sol and Coleen Perez

The lively host Stepahnie Sol formally opens the Kapuso Cook-Off

The GMA's artists participated in Kapuso Cook-Off

Stephanie Sol - The Host of Kapuso Cook-Off

The 3 contenders for the Kapuso Cook-Off prepping Up for their showdown

The GMA's artists with the bloggers are group into three to prepare two recipe, the savory and the sweet crepe. Before we start, Chef demo first on how to cook savory and sweet crepe.

The ingredients for the savory

The ingredients for the sweet crepe.

Chef demo for cooking savory.

Chef demo for cooking sweet crepe.

The final product for sweet crepe.
The final product for savory.

My team mates for the Kapuso Cook-Off, Team Coleen!. Coleen Perez with my co-bloggers.
The cooking showdown begins!
Our team after cooking Savory.
Our final product for Savory.
Judging time for the Savory!

The judges comment on our savory is that it lacks fillings but still tastes good for the beginners.

Our team after cooking Sweet Crepe.
Our final product for Sweet Crepe.
Judging time for the Sweet Crepe!

The judges comment on our sweet crepe is that we have the perfect amount of filling and cream and slightly over cooked the mango but over all we got the recipe quite right.

While waiting for the announcement of the winner

Stephanie Sol announces the winner for the Kapuso Cook-Off

Team Mayton emerge as the winner of  Kapuso Cook-Off!

Personally I've lot of fun and great time with this kind of event. It keeps you interact with the stars, share your thoughts and ideas with them and keep us closer. I am looking forward for this monthly event for us to know better the artists outside the small and silver screen.

The Kapuso Cook Off was held at the Poetry and Prose Patisserie last January 29. Poetry and Prose is owned by Jojo Paje and managed by Rex Agoncillo. All recipes for the restaurant have been well-researched and use prime ingredients. Here are the following menu that you can order:

Sausage Roll
Quiche Lorraine
Shrimp Ricotta Quiche
Crepe Florentine
Brittany Crepe
Croque Monsieur
Tarte Citron
Iced Tea

Photos of the Menu that you can order at Poetry and Prose

Poetry and Prose Patisserie are located at
Ground Floor, Shangri La Plaza, Mandaluyong
(02) 631 0420
Store Hours: 7am to 11pm


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