Friday, 9 January 2015

Movie Review: Tragic Theater

In February 1999, a group of spirit communicators attempted to exorcise the then-abandoned Manila Film Center of ghosts. These supernatural beings were believed to be those of the victims from a fatal accident during its hasty construction. Unknown to them, something had long ago taken sanctuary inside the building feeding on the anger and misery of the victims' souls. They learned this secret too late and walked into a horrifying encounter.

Tragic Theater is a visually striking local horror flick that offers a surprising number of clever thrills that are fairly genuine. The film has its terrifying moments special mention to Andi Eigenman and Sandy Talag exorcism scene. I also like on how they present the time dimension scenes match with out of the box and experimental approach. I like to commend the CG that they apply in the film that adds scare effectively in every scene. The close-up and detailed shot of the face of the characters that is sustained all through out the film helps to understand the predicament of the cast.

The film is a tasty slice of religious themed exploitation of little innovation that will test your faith, yet with plenty of thrills. The consequence of the premise is entirely valid and and there is enough character establishment in the preliminary scenes to build engagement on a deeper level. What's more, it has something of a twist at the end, which provides the consuming moral message. All in all Tragic Theater is a fairly made glossy mainstream local horror flick.

My Verdict: 3/5


Direk Tikoy Aguiluz, Andi Eigenman and John Estrada

Jovic Susim

Bret Jackson

Will Devaughn and Roxy B

Direk Tikoy Aguiluz

Direk Tikoy Aguiluz, Andi Eigenman and John Estrada

Direk Tikoy Aguiluz, Andi Eigenman and John Estrada

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