Friday, 23 January 2015

Halik sa Hangin - An Extraordinary Coming-of-Age, Sensual Romance Film

Star Cinema opens 2015  with the sensual-romance film “Halik sa Hangin” which stars Julia Montes in her most daring role to date, Gerald Anderson and JC de Vera, directed by Manny Palo.

It’s a love story between the three characters Mia (Julia Montes), Gio ( Gerald Anderson) and Alvin (JC De Vera) but there is an external force that would prevent their love story to fully bloom and blossom.

The film was shot in Baguio City with a theme song of the same title interpreted by Ebe Dancel and Abra, which was an official entry and place second in  the Himig Handog PPop Love Songs 2014 competition. 

In the blogger's conference Julia said that their film is totally different to the film "Nasaan Ka Man" which stars Claudine Baretto, Diether Ocampo and Jericho Rosales, as their film tackles about first love and sexual awakening. There might be a similarity with the location and genre of the film but she assured us that this film will cater one of a kind movie experience.

On her reaction as she was rooting to be the next Claudine Baretto and Bea Alonzo, she said that she is thankful for the praises and recognition but as much as possible she would like to make her own name as she has her own talent and career path that would like to take.

On her sensual love scene with Gerald Anderson, Julia said that she felt nervous at first but through the help of his director Manny Palo that he worked many times already and his leading men Gerald that was so gentleman to support her, she felt at ease doing the scene . She also said that she enjoyed working with Gerald and felt comfortable working with him same with JC thought it takes time before they became closer. She also praises JC for his dedication in his craft. Julia on promoting their film mentioned that she felt creepy after watching the rushes of the film so this is something to look forward to in this film.

Personally, I can say that this film got a strong leads as this 3 stars are one of the under rated actors and actress of their generation. They are proven gem in the industry by their TV series that they've done in the past, so its nice to see this 3 great stars in one extra ordinary sensual romance horror film.

Also joining the cast of Halik sa Hangin are Ina Raymundo, Edu Manzano, Fourth Solomon, Fifth Solomon. Maris Racal and Jasmin Curtis-Smith. Halik sa Hangin will hit the theaters nationwide on January 28 2015.


Fourth Solomon

Fifth Solomon. Fourth Solomon. Maris Racal, JC De Vera, Julia Montes, Gerald Anderson, Direk Manny Palo and Enrico Santos

JC De Vera

Gerald Anderson, Maris Racal and Fourth Solomon

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