Monday, 5 January 2015

Update: MMFF 2014 Box-Office Ranking: English Only, Please makes it to Top 4

English Only, Please benefited the most from the MMFF 2014 Awards Night, where it won the 2nd highest number of awards including Best Editing, Best Original Story, Best Screenplay, Best Director, 2nd Best Picture, Best Actor for Derek Ramsay and Best Actress for Jennylyn Mercado. The winnings of the film made the people curious that's why the film picks up, made a lot of buzz on social network, made a standing room only in some of the cinemas and reached the 100 million marked on its 11 days of showing. Since Day 4 of the festival, more screens were added for this rom-com movie after the many recognitions it got from the Awards Night. Truly the power of social network and word of mouth works for this film as they did not have any promotion for this film on major TV networks compare to the other entries. So kudos to the team for the success of the phenomenal MMFF 2014 entry English Only, Please.

Meanwhile, The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin and Feng Shui continue to succeed in their box office success as ranking no. 1 and 2 respectively in box office race. The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin already gross 365 million as of 1 PM January 4 2015 making this film as the 2nd highest-grossing Filipino film of 2014 while Feng Shui already gross 195 million as of 1 PM January 4 2015.  

MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino advise that the total gross sales for all 8 films as of 10th day (January 3) is P786-million which is lower than the P815-million at the same point during MMFF 2013. Looks like MMFF 2014 won't reach its 1-billion target when it ends on January 7th.

Hopefully the other entries and worth watching film like Bonifacio could still pick up on box office before the MMFF ends on January 7 2015.

Based on the news and social media sources here are the latest Box- Office Ranking for MMFF 2014

1. Praybeyt Benjamin - 365 Million and running
2. Feng Shui - 195 million and running
3. My Big Bossing - 100 million and running
4. English Only, Please - 100 million and running
5. Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles
6. Shake, Rattle and Roll XV
7. Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo
8. Muslim Magnum .357

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